Day 34

I’m going to keep a promise to myself of keeping you shorter and uploading some actual videos for once. I don’t have the tools I need to edit them to my liking but they do in fact exist and you can see what I’ve been doing.

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In the final debugging stage it’s very clear that I’m getting some contacts from the enemies and the players going to them represented here by the line green the target each other interchangably. If you underline things it’s done work below this that…

Day 33

Well I’ve almost done it. I did it taking the long way around. I now realize that what I’m dealing with in terms of bugs or something so difficult for a beginner that that would force most people to have restarted the whole project. And the next time I recognize that happening I may be a lot more ready to consider that as an option. With the time frame I had I thought it was really in feasible to do that. I didn’t know where it got broken or where I might be introducing the same bugs and…

Day 32

I feel like I’m in a strange limbo zone because I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen with this program. I realize that I have another three days so that’s great I suppose. I wasn’t really sure of that when I woke up this morning… then we had some intraday updates and things have been shifting around at a rapid pace so it looks like everybody might be done Friday. That’s kind of terrible for anyone who was planning on it but yeah I’m not surprised considering I’ve been following the news cycle.unless you buy one of…

Day 31

Well I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve learned the skills to create a game on my own.

I think that’s the biggest takeaway that I’ve done could have had happen over the course. I am definitely interested in ways that I never happened before and things relating to programming. Because before I knew it was that I wanted to learn programming. Whatver the heck that meant. And now I want to dive-into various tutorials and videos that are readyily available to understand concepts and features so that I will know more about how programming actually happens. There’s…

Day 30

I had some really bad technical difficulties come to a head. The problem is I need to replace some equipment and it’s just not readily available at the moment. Fortunately replacements are on the way but they’ll probably get here about the day after I end with this program for the time being. The group meeting was particularly great. It was on animation and things you can do with various things we weren’t being introduced to do with Unity. It wasn’t anything I didn’t know Unity can do but it was nice to figure out how it would…

Day 28

Have a lot of features get done and I really want to get back to it. I put in the eight hours of work a little extra on my own because I am really trying to get this project done by the finish line. I may not officially be getting paid for cinematography but I would like to start it and get set up.

Day 27

Final edits are now in sight. I’m seriously so exhausted I don’t know how to write at the moment. I have been pushing 12 hours today but and this is a distinction from what I have experienced in this program I’m really feeling like it clicks. How is not just endlessly debugging I was actually making some progress. I have a hellish goal of working on my own time and making it by the end of the week. If we are realistically defining the end of the week as Sunday I might make it. I don’t think Friday…

Day 26

I can finally see my way to completing the core programming and that is just Great. The only reason I have even been spending so many days into bugging because I didn’t know how to approach it … it’s kind of hard to solve the problem when you don’t know enough about what’s wrong with they be able to understand what do you start with. it turns out that I did have two very broken features and that was hanging up everything else about the game.

Day 25

So I’ve learned but there is a point where I should just throw things away and not treat them like special little precious assets. at a certain point in a very long rounded the bugging I realize that I have grasped the concepts to create this thing. just having a problem here because of a few remaining bugs that I don’t really know how to fix. And it’s finally become apparent that I really should just close up shop on those few features and try implementing them from scratch. it is miraculously faster this time because of all…

Day 24

Okay I’m keeping my promise to myself to keep these shorter. Reason being I just attended to really great debugging sessions and I really want to get through and push that as far as I can with the futures that I was stuck on. Planning on putting in an extra day or two over the weekend and we will see if I can get rid of all these really stupid setbacks. The good thing is that they are becoming a lot more apparent to me and the pictures are taking a lot longer last time when I do…

Michal Rooney

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