Day 14

Okay, I just like to take a moment to share my take away after 2 weeks.

I have an overwhelmingly positive view of what GamedevHQ means for anyone interested in technology-based fields in Hawaii. I’d have to say it’s down to the targeted approach with a little bit of help available if you need it. It’s not fun getting into something like this without having any idea where to reach out if you hit a small little derailing bug. if you were more experienced that wouldn’t probably take you the greater part of the week to figure out but if you’re not that’s exactly why it helps to have a little bit of tag team ability with the staff. they already have that end can help you achieve the perspective of hey everything is not that hard if you look at it this way — or just simply that you’re capable of looking. As time has progressed since when I first begin interested in this around high School there wasn’t this much information available on the topic. you wouldn’t have the Internet resources but you also just didn’t have any classes or anyone to really ask this kind of thing of. he wanted to get involved with materials there just weren’t like anything available for student type prices you had to literally go and find a mentor and pay them accordingly. And today it's kind of the opposite where there's an incredible derth of information everywhere. However, that it can make it hard to make perceive any progress you might be making. I'm so much out there it's hard to really just understand 'hey is any of this going to have an effect' 'is this the right thing to learn' it starts being almost like a mountainous to do list instead of intellectual engaging path we'd hoped for.

That’s why having a general framework of what we should be working on first, some supporting materials and helping and when necessary really makes for a different way to break in for those interested. It has been an incredible opportunity especially for Hawaii because as we all are well aware we’ve had some challenges with that.

Hawaii needs this paradigm shift and I hope that this time they finally get the message. I’m not going bemoan the details because I think it’s become pretty obvious why depending on a tourist centric economy is not a good idea in increasingly global world economy. Yet, new avenues to accessing the development space particularly the tech and gaming industry are clearly course that we have been sadly lacking

— The thing about virtual programs —

Is they are ideally placed to bring positive change. because they really don’t require us to import materials or have a lot of finite resources that we take from our islands: they require digital resources. so it really doesn’t cost much to bring these industries in in terms economic or ecological strain, it just takes utilizing the people that are already here. Because we’ve always been more than tourism but there have been acute lacs have any avenue to do anything with that except the exporting talent. it’s going to take some changes and approaches to education and possibly more sustainable sources of energy but tech basically stands the most efficient option to revolutionising our economy. that’s why I’m really impressed to see programs finally doing something about this. Hopefully this program will start to show why government should really be taking an interest in gaming because it has the potential to keep some of the most motivated and intrepid individuals creating something we’ve never seen before in Hawaii. I look forward to what the future might bring once we realize what we are capable of.