Day 15

  • I quit for now but I will start again -

Okay, massive setback day. Kind of knew something like this could happen but I wasn’t expecting how thoroughly it would prevent me from doing anything about it.I am forcibly moving on from the section to return to it, tomorrow. I lost about how do weeks of progress. I then spent six hours putting it back together. I felt mixed about that because it was the weekend I was trying to get ahead but at least it was a lot faster the second time. Subsequently I got back to the thick of it on Monday …decided to do a lot of research into how to structure enemy behaviors and find tweak the spawn manager. Every time I seem to be getting bugs that seems to be why so I went back looked over all the materials because she had searched. Some more did a little bit of debugging and attended some meetings and got some feedback I thought it was an okay day overall. Then I got back to my desktop after that meeting at 3 and somehow I had managed to delete the entire recovered file. The whole project just gone. So that was all the effort that I’ve been doing for the last day and a half and it was just really really depressing. Mainly because I’ve been in debug mode and I just been so worked up to trying to get some progress going so I can finish this first game. That’s good I’m going to go and work at it again if I have to go back to my semi working copy that will be what I have to do. The currrnt branch of my project might just be irrevocably scrapped. I do have a get back up of it but upon attempts to restore it deletes a lot of important things in the seeing and actually puts the back further than my last physically saved version from before the weekend. I just feel like I shouldn’t have touched anything this entire time and I might be better off.

I know that’s not really true because I have learned a lot about how to piece things back together and that’s still happening I just really wanted to move on to the next project as it’s really more what I think I would be learning the most from cinematography is definitely an interest of mine.I really always wondered how to make a stealth game and datejust is the thing I’d rather be working on right now after all this. However, I suppose I will learn a lot from staking in there and finishing this game. I might make the sequences for the boss and special coroutines a little bit less elaborate at this point. At least my searching for other ways to approach things has been very fruitful and I’m excited about trying that out regardless of what project I’m on. I’m actually looking forward to doing the enemy movement scripts. They should be all spirally an interesting instead of the very basic movement that we figured out for the player. Considering that you have control of that, the enemies kind of needed a little something a last little element to make it feel like a game.

I might even try that tonight on a separate same file. Perhaps there’s a way to revive that zombie project from the dead if somebody knows a little bit more about how to make get happy reverting and committing the changes. It just kind of ironic stage because I thought I had a safety net. This exactly the thing that Git is supposed to handle but since certain managing information within Unity has gone missing the same objects can be there and it won’t matter. They don’t correlate to the same items so scripts so nothing is actually working like it should be. It kind of highlights what would happen if monobehaviour wasn’t a thing though and that does impress me with how powerful what I’ve been working with can be … I just think I need to invest in better version control than I thought I needed.

Oh well time to start anew in some capacity so maybe I’ll just start with some new scenes and add some things in. I have found that I am much less intimidated about creating something from completely blank space so at least that’s happened. I just don’t want to hit the same bug before I know how to deal with it.