Day 19

I am just going to note this now I am not going to be writing as much for this post. I’ve done a lot of that and I’m in furious development mode so what I’m going to be doing is just posting some videos of what I’ve been doing which were hard enough to make believe me with the software conflicts that I had but I feel that it would be best to show you now that I can do that. Longer posts will return when I have caught up with the feature list. For now I think the clips speak for themselves and I feel like I should be making some more progress so I have more to talk about on the actual coating side of things. I also have been keeping a future list of everything that I managed to do wrong and then correct but by the time I got to about 50 plus I decided that you didn’t need to see that. It’s a lot more useful to just show you the point of what I’m really working on which is to get good enough in C plus plus development to rock this tutorial project hands-free. Until such time that I can actually ask for help again but until then I’m on fire.