Day 23

I am finally actually getting somewhere. And like I said I really need to keep these shorter so I can get back to doing that. little progress has been made and I’m now on two different features on the new and interesting bugs that they bring with them. the funny thing is that I don’t actually even care that much that I’m debugging at least it’s not debugging the same problem. After a while that gets really confining.

It might not even be the problem itself but the mindset that you just can’t fix this no matter what you do and you’re wasting time on it perpetually getting behind and stuff that is a terrible they too have to work. so I’m glad that I took the “mini vacation” of just using a different way to fix the feature.

From a counter perspective it might actually look like what I’m doing is as elegant and decent as if I tried it the first time you’re not really going to know that I had a mistake and then I was going to try it a different way, but to me it feels like a breath of fresh air because I am not working on the same problem. Maybe an equally challenging problem just not the same problem. I was dumped my mentors were some that really wasn’t worth just having no traction and getting nowhere while I could be doing something it actually preceded with the material. like I said though I wasn’t doing nothing I was constantly looking up tutorials and I was training through debugging so I think I’m going to be able to hit these next features a lot smarter and sophisticatedly. it’s really help that’s really great we just don’t have time to really get into our own development cycles and I can accept that. it’s just this is going to be the source of those questions that I’m going to ask the teacher when I finally get a chance someday this is going to be where it all comes from. Because yes I’m doing the dash those questions. not really going to give it up I’m going to figure it out till I understand it but I’m certainly not going to do that now cuz I’m okay with finding that out after I completed the course and I know a bunch of other stuff that might be more worthwhile today. in any case I’m better part through a four different features that I’m working on now and they seem to be coming along. Some of them have bugs two of them are finished. These are the kind of problems that I’m actually all alright with dealing with. East it doesn’t feel like I’m still trapped in quicksand on the one thing I will be working on forever and I never getting access to my mentors are actually taking the last part of the class. I’m prepared to take a simpler solution in light of that. Because in this level it won’t matter. I’m not really going to be the sum total of the beginner projects that I made where it will come into things that matter will be when I’m doing a real developing project but that’s something where you can spend two years ironing out the bugs. Will I get all of them then probably no, but I will make sure to get the ones that are important that the people are really going to actually be affected by. The rest try and take precedence after that.

It’s a concept from AAA gaming and one of the few that I actually can agree with they don’t fix all the bugs they fix the really important bugs and they have a grading system if it’s an a-level bug we really need to fix that or it’s going to crash the game and nothing’s going to be able to run. Then progresses from there to about the D s and beyond that really may never get looked into. At least an initial release. because there is kind of a point to doing the more important ones first and putting productivity there so that you ever release the game. I am but I’m not a fan of his when they actually released things with sea-level bugs where it’s noticeable but I kind of understand the integrity of Odell liquor that actually intends to fix things and is doing their damnedest to use all the cycles they have available to in fact put that power to a point. Anyhow, I’m back to the trail and I will post more videos if I really get somewhere.