Day 31

Well I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve learned the skills to create a game on my own.

I think that’s the biggest takeaway that I’ve done could have had happen over the course. I am definitely interested in ways that I never happened before and things relating to programming. Because before I knew it was that I wanted to learn programming. Whatver the heck that meant. And now I want to dive-into various tutorials and videos that are readyily available to understand concepts and features so that I will know more about how programming actually happens. There’s a difference. Before it is the abstract idea that I wantto get better at this programming thing because I understand what I could do with it maybe. I feel that I have to go somewhere to figure out this knowledge because it must be a clandestine secret of some sort of like I need to take a college course or I need to go and find somebody to sagacioudsly channel my efforts so that when I learned things they will actually be programming for that black art that I used to think of programming as. And this is taught me that I really don’t need any of that. It’s probably the best gift they could have given me as educators.

I know I can really can transfer the burden of education on to myself. So no matter how long this program lasts for me or if it’s ever reinstated I’m still going to go over the course material and I’m going to keep going until I finish it. What’s more I’m going to find resources on my own and I’m going to diligently dwelve any programming topic I don’t know. I’ve learned that that’s what I want to do during the course and if it wasn’t about the deadline of trying to pack certain courses into certain time frames in a mad dash to move on on a project … I actually like learning C++. And I think that one day I might actually be a game designer on the coding side. This is certainly for me and the antithesis of something mentioned to tagline a workshop in the CSR. I may in fact be a programmer. That is a real lot of personal development for 30 days. In my case I was always going to code in some respect but I was more using as a tool to do other things and I wasn’t really aware that I might actually like creating things with it. There’s a difference between using code to support some other discipline and using it to create a game. One of them is actually much harder. and that’s what we’ve been dealing with but I believe it is a really great way to learn because we forget that we’re not really interacting in a way that we wouldn’t normally with code because we’re making a video game and it’s so cool and different and fresh experience. There’s probably going to be a lot of hard patches in a program like this debugging and I think I continued on and push past the impasses because I really liked able to do what I was doing. I feel like I am much less afraid of doing things in C than I was before because I know what game design. I also know the reputation that C has and I thought that I just couldn’t do it and now I realize that I can. there’s a lot of things that are in fact very hard about it comparatively but I don’t even notice that as much because of what comparatively I am capable of doing verses when I started. And it’s that it’s going to have me commit. I’m going to be a programmer no matter what happens here and I think I’m actually going to be a game designer which is a different level than I really thought I would able to pursue on my own but I think I understand it now enough to do that. now they did teach some things and that partly has to do with why I come that far but they really more taught people how to fish. I would really not have decided to go out and start teaching myself tutorials about see because I wouldn’t really think that it was possible from the burn that way because I was already doing so much of the other stuff every time something new comes up I really want to take the tutorial and I know that I can figure it out and integrate into my workflow.

In essence they taught me the power of the word Can applies to some of the hardest echelons of coding I can possibly conceive of. And I think the most striking point for me is that I now contextualize programming and myself with the concept of yes I can do that. So as I go off on my own I think that I am not going to be streaming rudderless through the space of coding knowledge I think I figured out how to chart my own course. I’m just really going to miss that team and that’s something that I still am going to start looking for. I hope that one day I’ll be able to continue with them on a project reguardless of being paid. But really I could find that in a few other studios if I had to.

I’m going to miss the start up atmosphere at the focus team had going on. And I’d be willing to work on any projects that let me work alongside people like that.