Day 33

Well I’ve almost done it. I did it taking the long way around. I now realize that what I’m dealing with in terms of bugs or something so difficult for a beginner that that would force most people to have restarted the whole project. And the next time I recognize that happening I may be a lot more ready to consider that as an option. With the time frame I had I thought it was really in feasible to do that. I didn’t know where it got broken or where I might be introducing the same bugs and every time I tried to rebuild something on a small scale I ended up introducing the same bugs. starting to think that my son had some more fundamental errors so it wasn’t really about me coding in correctly it was probably something that I’ve enabled in the editor and no one’s really able to tell me what that is because they’re not that familiar to be able to spot it instantly. So while I understand most of what I’m doing and unity now it can still be the most incobtrable feeling giving up on your project because it’s not even the code. For example when I’m using an outside editor visual studio — it gets zero errors it compiles my code everything works fine. Just introducing that to whatever strange dimension has occurred in my game makes everything possibly broken. Oh well at least doing it this way I have not run from my problems and I think I have learned a lot more about the bugging doing it this way.

I already understood the value of hitting to restart button, it’s just that I don’t want to have to constantly do that where do you actually make any progress that way? I was trying to get to a point where I can fix my own problems myself and for the most part I think I’ve done that. It’s just figuring out what the editors doing yet is kind of something a little bit way more advanced than I thought it was going to be. so it works but I don’t know what I’m doing that makes my code not work with it because whenever I try to get it corrected or I ask am I doing it right it turns out that I am. I have a good amount of scenes purposely kept very rudimentary that I’ve been building alongside this just attached things and stuff seems to work differently in them that’s what tells me something’s really really off. But by persevering I think I am going to be eventually able to figure out what I toggled on or off. Even a complete restarting is not going to be so stupid in the future as I have gotten a lot faster and I think that might have been feasible if I started a while back now when they’ve been suggesting and no I’m not going to rebuild the game in 2 days. but now it’s becoming more of a thing where I might be able to do that sometime and eventually get it down to one and that’s because I know where I’m trying to get to and I think that means I’m going to achieve it.

That said I have been killing bugs left and right. Finally, decided to just implement workarounds and has actually been working. I’m just down to to really nasty game breakers I need to fix. I got one because my enemies were always doing too many damages or hits and I realize that’s because they weren’t being destroyed on the same time as they were able to do damage so that they were able to get a few extra hits in. I still need them not destroyed because I need to do a few effects and things with them when they get taken out so I just disabled their colliders II they do damage. Effectively this takes them out as enemies. Should I have had to do that, no. Did doing so actually mean that my game works yes so I’ll go with it. I’m just trying to get around actually putting things on my players so that they can enable when my player gets damaged. I really don’t know why that causes all collisions to failover the entire game if I put anything in the damage function it’s written exactly how it should be I don’t know why it’s completely not working in this case. breathing work separately I’m just trying to figure out a way to get them to signal when the player gets hurt so I can bring in camera shakes and shield change colors, should stuff need to be activated. The rest is just a matter of time but I know how to do it and I’m not intimidated by any of the remaining goals.



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