Day 6

I fell into the mire of a logistical whirlpool. One of the things I was trying to do coming into this was clear off my schedule so I could devote all my time to this. Fortunately that kind of beat me up worse then actually learning to script. the less painful version was that it was a lot of offices to talk to in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. You can reach out as early as you like but trying to track down a person that was supposed to email you back yeah that’s been the time seep. I didn’t quite expect to be this bad.

I’ve also started creating list of errors that I run into frequently but I’m doing it with the positive note of being able to ask about them later. I can work up quite the sticky note collection.

I’m trying to gain new ground on that front ; I’ve been answering a lot of my questions myself with help from the documentation and answers of people gone before on Stack exchange. One of the most unanticipated things I gained from the lectures was but you know you can really skip the tutorials and just go straight for the code examples. Honestly, just start trying things it raises the incidence of making both those mistakes and successes that might just point you in the right direction. I’m really not sure what I would do this always but it’s nice to have a mode where I just don’t do that kind of thing. I can get really bogged down into researching and it’s interesting to try not doing that once. Truth is I know I’ll be back when I have some down time but that might help me manage in the face of a hi tempo workflow. I can make time for it on the other side of the deadline but, I think I’m getting better at prioritizing. It’s kind of necessary thing to shake the sand out of one’s eyes after the year in limbo.

In any case I have about three days to did you working on the 2D shooter and I hope to get as much done as possible. Some of us have been at it for four weeks some of us have been here for weeks others are just joining. So I don’t really think we’re all going to cross the same finish line but I really hope that we all personally find a way to grow because that’s kind of the point of it. I really do feel like I’m improving in debugging and really understanding why I’m doing something. So having squared the distractions away, I will keep on keepin on.