So this is my first day the rest of my new life as a coder! I am starting with a archtype 2D design, a shooter with gamedevHQ. I have some coding experience with Python anything for the most part I’ve been on the animator side of things so feels a little like throwing myself into deep end. Both terrifying and wonderful. I’m sure it’s going to get hard but I’d like to look back and remember a sense of wonder - why I did it.

So why did I feel attracted to learning coding with Python, then snowballing inti Java, and ending up in a high paced unity program? It started with a love for biology and video games. Biology was always my favorite subject. Games were my creative outlet along side it. I can never just play them I was always getting inspiration for one art project or another. Some new story or the way I’d seen it portrayed in a video game was what got me through the sea of self-teaching. To me they weren’t just superficial fun, but a museum highlighting all the talents that went into them.

They were just so inspiring because there were things you could do in a video game that never really been done before in any other medium; games are uniquely better for experiencing some things.

Eventually, I got into everything I could related to it those dual obsessions. The obvious being a bunch of AP Bio courses, science activies, but eventually also game workshops in Seattle. There I was introduced two people taking classes focused on game design. They had a bio class for designing alien creatures, figuring out what their adaptations would be how that would enable them to shape or react to their world. Wow, sign me up. It was geek heaven. Then I have since realized it was less about the physical location and more about bringing people and teachers together. We’re allowed to do that, great - it was a fact that it was possible.

So yes I love designing everything from creatures to characters to fantastic lands. I would be thrilled to have a place as a game designer because I really can’t help but look further. Part of the fun for me is figuring out how to raise that bar on what a technology can achieve in the space. that’s not necessarily specific to game design. So I wouldn’t mind in spirited away to a motivated team of game designers I’m still open to other options. Perhaps I’ll end up going with my my love for nature has become: biotechnology. I’m halfway through my Masters on that route. Since I found a flexible online option it works with full-time employment not against it. That’s been the best things about remote options. They they allow me to pursue my twin passions sad having to move halfway across the world to do it (yet).

While going for two paths has come with a lot more twists and turns than I could have expected I have enjoyed the ride shooting for the moon and landing and stars. Somewhere along the way I discovered that mine is a blue moon — there are two!

A blue moon is where you have one full moon in a month and then there’s that unexpected other. Standing at this juncture I find that whichever it is I’m happy I decided to take follow both.